Wicked Swarmer

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Patch 8.3 brings our heroes to Ny'alotha, which lies in the middle of the Black Empire. The rest of the sleeping city now wakes up in patch 8.3 and becomes the new raid. Battle for Azeroth is coming to an end and we can only be curious what Blizzard has in store for us. In Ny'alotha, evil is slowly awakening and nightmares are manifesting. N'Zoth has returned, and after thousands of years he can finally sit on his throne, the ancient Black Empire, again. Our heroes of the Alliance and Horde must once again unite to defeat the great evil and save our world.

N'Zoth is an old god who has been trapped in the depths of the sea for thousands of years. Once he was defeated by the Titans and imprisoned in a prison forged by Titans. When the Titans came into the world, the end of the old gods was ushered in, and many were banished or imprisoned like N'Zoth. But now, after the events of patch 8.2, liberation has been prepared so that he is free at last. The liberation of N'Zoth has caused great fear and anxiety in Azeroth, as he wants to destroy the world once and for all. In full control of his empire, his armies once again pour out of the halls. His invading armies are targeting Uldum and the Valley of Blossoms.

Not only does N'Zoth come to Azeroth, but he also brings his horrific visions to Azeroth. These will be a separate instance that you must complete. The Horrific Visions are an alternative future for N'Zoth. There will be two different disturbing visions, one in Stormwind and the other in Orgrimmar. To unlock the visions, you must complete the Black Empire's campaign. Upon completion, Furion will present you with the legendary cloak of Ashjra'kama, and you will need to play your first horrific vision. In order to re-enter the horrific visions, you will need the Vessel of Horrific Visions, which Furion can give you. The only currency you can use with Furion are the Manifested Visions. The new currency you will receive from the invasions of N'Zoth. The most important of the visions is the Ashjra'kamas. The cloak will protect you from the corruption of the old god N'Zoth. But not right away, because you still have to level the legendary cloak.

In our article you will find the epic mount of the Wicked Swarmer, and to unlock it for you, you will receive the achievement "We have the technology". To unlock this achievement, we will unlock all Titan Research for you. An optional item will also be the unlocking of the Wrathion Quest. He is the Black Prince, and he is one of the children of Deathwing. This makes him one of the last remaining black dragons in existence. Like his father before him he will join the Black Empire. His father Deathwing was made by N'Zoth into what he is today.

The Wicked Swarmer is an aqir and the creatures are an evil insect race. The Aqir were a race native to ancient Kalimdor. They were created several thousand years ago by the ancient god C'Thun and were considered the original race for other insect peoples. Nowadays the Aqir belong to the Black Empire and are under the command of N'Zoth. You get all this with our MelkTrupp Boosting Service, the best WoW Boosting in the world.

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