Nazjatar Campaign

We're playing [EU] Nazjatar Campaign for you.

The Nazjatar Campaign is needed for the 8.2 War Camaign and the Meachagon Questline.

Product details

  • Complete Nazjatar main story for the Horde or the Alliance
  • Alliance: Sunken Ambitions 
  • Horde: Unfathomable
  • Factions reputation unlocked (A)Waveblade Ankoan or (H)The Unshackled
  • Activation of the Nazjatar World Quests
  • Activation of the NPC for Benthic Gear upgrade
  • Activation of the Nazjatar bodyguard
  • Activation of the 8.2 War Campaign questline
  • Activation of the Mechagon questline
The new campaign of Nazjatar is full of opportunities and special treasures. Nazjatar is very special when it comes to flying, because If you unlock the Pathfinder Achievement you can fly with your underwater mounts. Blizzard has also come up with something new. The Bodyguard System, which they invented, lets you choose between one of three Ankoans or Unshackled.

Bodyguards are not like normal companions, of course they still do harm, but you can level them through quests and they gain new abilities up to level 15. You can also switch between three bodyguards, of the different factions, at any time.

These are just a few points, but there is so much more to discover. If you want to see quick success, get bodyguards directly and have the best items and gaming experience, get the best available Professional Boosting from us.


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