Level Boost 1-60 Classic

Here you get a fast [EU] WoW Classic - Level Boost 1-60.

You have no time or desire to start WoW Classic and put all your valuable time into leveling? But you don't want to lose the connection, then order your WoW Classic Level 1 - 60 Boost today.

If you want, you can sit back and we'll do the whole thing for you.

As an extra we also offer you to earn the professions for your char at level 300 or the weapon skills. The Dungeon Gear is the best preparation to take your first steps into the raids.

For the Level Service from 1-60 we need 18-21 days. You can also reduce the Boost Service to 9-13 days by Expess.

This boost is achieved by hand-play! 

Product details

  • We play your character to the desired level
  • Level 1 to 60 within 18-21 days or Express 9-13 days
  • Gold and crafting-material as well as important items are stored
  • The level ascent is achieved through a large number of quests

WoW Classic has been released and the leveling starts. In Classic you get much slower leveling than in retail WoW, because nowadays everything has become easier and more user friendly. The huge game world invites you to get lost in it and you can do that easily. You can bring your character up to level 60 just like it was then. There are miserable long quests and collection tasks waiting for you, but don't worry, you don't have to do them with our boost. Our professionals will do everything you want and have configured. Choose the level you want and use the slider to select it.

In WoW Classic there are a lot of classes again. First you have to choose whether you want to play for the Horde or the Alliance. The Mage class is the best magic class in WoW Classic, but they don't have very many health points. The Priest is the only true healer in the game and the Shadow play is only good in PvP. The best support class for the Alliance is the Paladin. However, it is one of the worst classes in melee combat. The Rogue is the strongest melee class, and if he knows what he's doing, it's a big advantage. The druids can theoretically fill any role, but they're not perfect for any role and most of the time you see them as healers in well-structured guilds. Warriors are the only true tanks in Classic and no one can hold a candle to them in the area. Even as a Damage Dealer you are very good at it. The hunters are ranged, but only deal average damage, and in PvP they are one of the first choices. As a warlock you are behind the magicians with the damage and you are also a strong class in PvP and level up quickly to level 60. With the shaman you are a total support class and you are responsible for maintaining the important totems and buffs.

The professions in WoW Classic play a very big part this time. The professions are divided into crafting professions, gathering professions and secondary professions. Crafting professions include alchemy, leatherworking, engineering, blacksmithing, tailoring, and enchantment. The gathering professions are mining, herbology and skinning, and the secondary professions are fishing, first aid and cooking. The main and secondary professions can be up to level 300. Choose from our Boost if you want to have a profession or not.

With our product you can choose if you still want to have weapon skills. There are 16 different weapon skills and each one can be upgraded to 300 levels. The weapon skills are more important than usual, because the weapons do more damage with each level. If you get a new weapon, you may not be able to use it at all, because your weapon level will not be sufficient. So you have to level up your weapon level to use it.

You can also choose to have a Full Level 60 Dungeon Gear. This equipment will be very important for you, because with it you won't be able to get killed so easily in any fights anymore. Another armor is the Classic Pre-Raid Gear and with it you are even better equipped for the upcoming battles. This gear is perfect for the first raids and will take you through the dungeons and instances.

This boost will be played by our pros themselves as handplay and as accplay, which means they play with your account and do everything that is necessary. The whole product will take 18-21 days or you can use the Express Boost which will take 9-13 days. We at Melk Trupp have the best and fastest pros. Our products are the safest and best on the market. Let us help you and save you the hassle of questing.

World of Warcraft FAQ

Unfortunately, this is not possible.

You play your char. Please arrive on time.

Well play your char. You dont have to do anything and you dont have to be there.

No! All our service providers operate exclusively legit gameplay! We track all services in real time! And ensure that no third-patry software or scripts are used!

We enable you to keep in touch with the most successful WoW players in the world while your order is being processed. Every member of the Ingame Gilde Melk Trupp distinguishes something special. Be it the former highest player in the world, highest players of his class or tournament victories for example. Our admission criteria are extremely high, so you get the best service.

The Armor Classes option allows other players with the same armor class as your character to join the riad. This way you get more loot.

Yeah, sure! If we play your account, please let us know which bosses you want us to use it for.

Your order will be completed faster than indicated.

Please choose your start and finish level

Choose your Class
1 Crafting Profession 1- 300
1 Gathering Profession 1 - 300
Secondary Profession 1 - 300
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