Dawn of the Infinite (Mega-Dungeon)

Enter the Dawn of the Infinite, an exciting boost through the all-new mega dungeon in WoW's Dragonflight expansion. Face eight challenging bosses and stop the never-ending Dragonflight. Take advantage of this unique opportunity to collect valuable loot, transmogs and more.

Normal Run: We defeat all the bosses in the Mega Dungeon together.

No Death Run: Together, defeat all the bosses in Dawn of the Infinite in a single run and recover the four time-lost artifacts without your player character's death on Mythic difficulty and receive the Put That Thing Back Where It Came From achievement and the Transmogg Ensemble: Infinite Acolyte's Regalia

Bosses from the Mega Dungeon: Dawn of the Infinite:

  • Chronikar.
  • Manifested Timeways
  • Blight of Galakrond
  • Iridikron the Stonescaled
  • Tyr, the Infinite Keeper
  • Morchie
  • Time-Lost Battlefield
  • Chrono-Lord Deios and the Infinite Dragonflight.


  • No Death Run + Hardmode: 490 Item Level and Accplay


Step into the uncharted depths of time and experience an epic adventure like no other. Welcome to the "Dawn of the Infinite (Mega-Dungeon)" a thrilling mega-dungeon in the Dragonflight expansion of World of Warcraft. With eight challenging bosses, numerous puzzles, and a plethora of loot rewards, this dungeon is a proving ground for courage, skill, and strategic thinking.

The key to your success lies in your ability to conquer the Infinite Dragonflight. But beware - they are cunning, powerful, and relentless. Whether you manage to break their reign and secure Azeroth's future depends on your prowess and courage. Victory or defeat, everything is possible in this dungeon.

In the "Dawn of the Infinite (Mega-Dungeon)" there is much to discover. From the dungeon's majestic architecture to the secret chambers filled with hidden treasures, every element serves to stimulate your senses and quicken your heartbeat. And don't forget the loot - a variety of powerful equipment, transmogs, and even dragon riding customizations await to be plundered by you.

The story behind the "Dawn of the Eternal" is as captivating as the gameplay itself. A dark force threatens to disrupt the balance of time and plunge Azeroth into an age of chaos. Only you and your brave comrades can change the course of events and avert the looming doom.

Your journey through the mega-dungeon begins at the Seat of Aspects in Valdrakken, where Nozdormu entrusts you with the monumental task of traversing the "Dawn of the Eternal". Together with Chromie, you must uncover the true nature of this new enemy and find the right strategy to defeat it.

The "Dawn of the Eternal" is more than just a dungeon - it's a journey into the unfathomable depths of time, a test of your abilities, and a testament to your courage. It provides an experience that will captivate both veterans and newcomers, and a story that lingers long after the last boss fight.

If you're ready to defeat the Infinite Dragonflight and secure Azeroth's fate, then step into the "Dawn of the Eternal." This unique adventure awaits you - it's time to stake your claim in history.


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