Horrific Visions

The new instance challenge from patch 8.3 is the Horrific Visions.

Face the challenge and defeat the true form of the Corrupter!

Product details

  • Horrific Visions Run by selection
  • Ashjra'kamas Upgrade
  • Corrupted Mementos
  • Chance of Azerite Essences
  • Chance of Mail Muncher
  • Achievement: Horde / Alliance

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N'Zoth rises in patch 8.3, the new patch for World of Warcraft will be the last major patch for Battle for Azeroth. With Shadowlands, Blizzard has already shown the next world where we'll be headed at BlizzCon 2019. The patch brings a lot of new features and a lot of things that players have been waiting for.

Patch 8.3 takes on the old god N'Zoth, who has been preparing and planning his attack for thousands of years. The leader of the black empire returns and sits on his throne again. With Ny'alotha we also get a raid again where N'Zoth will await us as end boss. Ny'alotha the sleeping city becomes the awakening city under the leadership of N'Zoth. N'Zoth is the horror of the past and has never stopped corrupting the Emerald Dream. He has had many victims, but the most famous are probably Eranicus Shade and Deathwing. Deathwing, once known as Neltharion and appointed Earth Guardian by the Titans, was secretly corrupted by N'Zoth without the knowledge of his siblings. From then on, he got out of control, and one cause of this was cataclysm. This also destroyed the stronghold of the night elves. Queen Azshara and her people sank into the floods. All this was N'Zoth's plan to get Azshara close to him. Deep in the seas where N'Zoth is held captive in his Titan prison. The eternal palace of Azshara lies directly above his prison, making Azshara a key ally. The events of patch 8.2 prepared the way for the liberation of N'Zoth.

A new feature, which is also the main focus of this patch, are the Horrific Visions. These visions of N'Zoth are very dangerous and harmful to your character. You will not be able to stand it for long without protection. However, there is a protection you can get. In the new raid of Ny'alotha you will find a boss named Furion the Black Prince. He has an item with which you can protect yourself against the corruption of N'Zoth.

To get into the Horrific Visions you have to unlock it first. You will need to complete a series of quests to enter the visions. Once you have done this, you will need to trade in the resources you have gathered at Furion. The resources you need are the Manifested Visions, but how do you get them? You can get them from the invasions that take place in Uldum and the Valley of Eternal Blossoms. During these invasions you will get your desired resources by questing. Due to the weekly resets, the invasion points always change between the two places. The Black Empire is constantly sending its troops to Azeroth to bring more and more chaos and corruption. To enter the visions once, you need at least 10,000 Manifested Visions. These can be exchanged for the Vessel of horrific Visions in the Ventricle of Furion. The Vessel is, so to speak, the key to the Horrific Visions.

In our article Horrific Visions you can create your own individual Boost. You can choose the area you want us to play in. You can choose between different animal levels and as an additional option you can unlock the horror vision campaign or the vessel of horrific visions. With our boost from Melk Trupp you will be able to survive the horrific visions of N'Zoth.

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