Island Expeditions Cap

World of Warcraft PvE Boost: Island Expeditions

With patch 8.1 Blizzard has opened the [EU] Island Expeditions.

In competition against the enemy KI on an island, we farm as much Azerite as possible to give you a simple victory.

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  • Boost Service for Island Expeditions content in World of Warcraft: Battle of Azeroth
  • Full [EU] Island Expeditions Cap

A new feature of Battle for Azeroth are the island expeditions. You've always wanted to explore an unknown island and possibly loot it. The explorations will take about 20 minutes and the special thing about it are the improved NPCs, as well as the dynamic process.

During an island expedition we will be confronted with many things, like different enemies or new unique puzzles. Each expedition is different, so each one is dynamic, starting with the always changing starting positions. There are also again the usual difficulty levels and a fourth, the PvP mode. In this mode, your speed decides whether you win or lose.

To start an island expedition you have to unlock it first. To unlock it, you must have reached level 115 and completed the war campaign. Once you've unlocked the explorations, you'll need to register for them. This will be done at the Alliance at Boralus Harbour in the east, in front of the big ship. At the Horde, you will have to go to the port of Dazaralor and find a red ship in the west. When you login, you will see that you have three different islands to choose from. The islands will be changed randomly every week.

The following islands were unlocked for the launch of Battle for Azeroth:

  • Un'gol Ruins
  • The Rotting Mire
  • Verdant Wilds
  • Skittering Hollow
  • The Dread Chain
  • Whispering Reef
  • Molten Cay

But in patch 8.1 it was directly added with two more islands:

  • Havenswood
  • Jorundall

In summary, the island expeditions are great for leveling and discovering new things. Yes, it's great for leveling, because you only have to unlock the island expeditions with one character to unlock them for your whole account. We will help you unlock the island expeditions and make a lot of new things possible.


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