Karazhan Timerun + Mount

The [EU] WoW Dungeons - Karazhan Timerun Mount we will play for you as soon as possible!

We kill all bosses in the given time so that the bonus boss Nightbane appears.

He will only drop the rare epic Mount Smoldering Ember Wyrm once.


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Karazhan was converted to a raid instance in patch 7.1. Legion gets a new big dungeon with nine bosses. The raid is only available in Mythic Difficulty and is also available in Heroic and Mythic + since patch 7.2. The Dark Tower has a long and dark history behind it and attracts the Legion to Karazhan, which marches up with full manpower.

The Dungeon offers the following bosses:

  • Medivhs Schemen
  • Mana Devourer
  • Elfyra
  • Maiden of Virtue
  • Jettony <Bruderschaft der Defias>
  • Coggleston <Loyal Majordomo>
  • Attumen the Huntsman
  • The Curator
  • Moroes <Tower Steward>
  • Viz'aduum der Beobachter

The entrance for the raid can be found on an elevated staircase on the eastern side of the tower, which stands in the mountain pass of the dead winds. In the Karazhan Dungeon you'll find a hidden boss who will drop you a rare mount. The terror of the night is the hidden boss and he will be summoned by you in a given time to complete the tasks. If you manage the tasks you will get the achievement "One Night in Karazhan", after you get the achievement your pet Medivh will summon the boss.

Kill the boss and you'll get the mount "Glowing Glowwyrm" as loot. A Wyrm is no stranger to experienced WoW players. This creature looks like a dragon, only the dragon looks harmless compared to it. If you want an impressive and dangerous mount, the Glowing Glowwyrm is just the thing for you.

With us you can choose whether you want to play yourself or give your account to a pro who will play everything for you. We'll get you your new favorite mount so you can make Azeroth unsafe.


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