Operation: Mechagon Mythic

Here you can play [EU] Mechagon Megadungeon Mythic,

Together we will play the new Operation: Mechagon via Selfplay or Accplay.

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Operation: Mechagon is a new dungeon from Battle for Azeroth in patch 8.2 for 5 players. Mechagon Island is ruled by the crazy King Mechagon, against which a large rebellion is taking place. He wants to turn everyone in Azeroth into robots.
Mechagon is the first Megadungeon in this World of Warcraft expansion. However, there is only one level of difficulty so far: "Mythic". There are many new pets, mounts, items and collectibles.

Who should stop Mechagon?
Prince Erazmin is on a hopeless mission to get inside Mechagon. It's a race against time. You must stop the mechanized army of King Mechagon as soon as possible. If they don't succeed, the Mad King will destroy all organic life with his doomsday machine.

In Operation: Mechagon there are also 8 new bosses: 

  • King Gobbamak
  • Gunker
  • Trixie Tazer & Naeno Megacrash
  • HK-8 Aerial Oppression Unit
  • Tussle Tonks
  • K.U.-J.0.
  • Machinist's Garden
  • King Mechagon

The item level for the raid is 415+ and you have the chance to get the items: war forged, titanium forged and socketed items.

  •  If you have the item: Engine of Mecha-Perfection you get the buff "Vision of Perfection".
  •  To get "Vision of Perfection" rank 2 you need the item: Blueprint: Perfection Timed Differential.
  •  For rank 3 you need 4 "Progression Sprocket".
  •  You get all this after the death of King Mechagon, additionally you have the chance to get the item: Pocket-Sized Computation Device.

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