Valor Points

Buy your [EU] Valour Points now at Melk Trupp!

Upgrade your items from PvE for Valour Points.

One of the upgrading NPC's Aggressor Zo'dash is in Oribus.

Or you can go to your Pact Sanctum to upgrade your items with the Valour Points.


Costs of the upgrade:

  • 250: Secondary hand items, shields, rings, wrists and neck.
  • 400: Trinkets, belts, shoulder, gloves and boots
  • 475: Helm, leg and breast
  • 500: One-handed weapons with agility
  • 750: One-handed weapons with intelligence
  • 1000: Two-handed weapons


Product details

  • Selected number of Valour Points
  • We earn the Valour Points  through dungeons

Finally there is another incentive to play Mythic Plus dungeons!

With the Valor Points in WoW Patch 9.0.5 you can upgrade your PvE items. These Valor Points are collected through Mythic Plus Dungeons. There are 135 Valor Points per dungeon.

Up to 1.000 Valor Points are needed to upgrade an item. Items can now be upgraded to level 220 with Valor Points.

To upgrade your PvE items with Valor Points, go to your Pact NPC where you also upgraded your Pact equipment.

After you have earned the weekly cap on a character, you will receive Valor of the Ancients, which will allow your Twink to get Valor Points faster.

The weekly cap for Valor Points is 1000, the maximum number is 3000 per character!

Your items, which you can upgrade with your farmed Valor Points, have a rank from 1 to 12.

Here is a list of which rank is needed for which item level.

  • 1: 184
  • 2: 187
  • 3: 190
  • 4: 194
  • 5: 197
  • 6: 200
  • 7: 203
  • 8: 207
  • 9: 210
  • 10: 213
  • 11: 216
  • 12: 220


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