Battle of Dazar'alor Mythic Full Gear (415)

With the Melk Trupp Battle of Dazar'alor Mythic Full Gear (415) Sellrun you can quickly secure the full 415+ gear. Decide for yourself whether you want to be booted through the raid via Selfplay or Accplay.

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In the Zuldazar area it gets wild, because a new raid is coming. The Battle of Dazaralor has been released in patch 8.1. It's the second raid from the Battle for Azeroth expansion and includes 9 raid bosses.

We'll get you the Mythical Full Gear Set and secure some achievements as well. The Mythic Sets differ only in color and difficulty from the other armour sets. Well, what's more, they are of course much stronger in PvP. This means that with your mythic armour, you are well equipped for your adventures in Dazaralor.

The achievements are:

  • Defense of Dazar'alor
  • Death's Bargain
  • Victory or Death
  • Ahead of the Curve: Lady Jaina Proudmoore

Choose whether you want to make Accplay or Selfplay and choose whether you want to make an Express Delivery and thus get a faster and prioritized processing. Our Boosting WoW service will get you the battle for Dazaralor Mythical 415 Full Gear Set fast and without complications.


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