The Eternal Palace Mythic Full Gear (445)

An important content from Battle for Azeroth is the new raid challenge from patch 8.2 of the Eternal Palace.

Face the most loyal champions of Queen Azshara in an epic 8.2 raid!

With the "The Eternal Palace Mythic Full Gear (445)" Sellrun, you'll quickly secure the full 445+ gear. Decide for yourself whether you want to be booted through the raid via Selfplay or Accplay.

Secure [EU] The Eternal Palace Mythic Full Gear (445) package today.

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The Eternal Palace came with the Battle for Azeroth 8.2 patch and brought not only Queen Azshara, but also some new item sets. The best but also the hardest to get is the Full Gear Set 445. To get it you have to defeat all eight bosses on the Mythic difficulty level.

The bosses are: 

  • Abyssal Commander Sivara 
  • Black Water Monster 
  • Azshara's Gloss 
  • Lady Ashwind, Orgozoa 
  • The Queen's Court 
  • Zaqul  
  • Queen Azshara

There are also different types of armour: Cloth, leather, mail, plate. The raid requires you to kill every boss and collect the loot.

Fight your way through the different levels and loot your set together. The best items to look for are: The great reception, the depths of the devotees, the circle of stars and before the curve: Queen Azshara.

Decide for yourself if you want to do this Sellrun yourself as Selfplay or Accplay. If you choose Selfplay you will get our pros to help you raid the Full Gear Set. But if you take Accplay you don't need to do anything and you can relax and lean back.

With our help you can easily create the 445 Full Gear Set. Just let us boost you and we'll do the work for you.


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