Uldir Mythic Full Gear (385)

This [EU] Uldir Mythic Full Gear (385) WoW Raid Gear service includes 8 bosses with G'huun as the end boss. You don't want to take any risks and have the full gear from the first BfA Raid? That's no problem at all!

With our help we take you with us until the Char has everything he needs!

Product details

Uldir is the first Battle for Azeroth raid. The raid includes 8 bosses with Ghuun as the final boss. The raid entrance is located in Nazmir, which belongs to the Zandalar continent. The dungeon is available in several difficulty levels, but only in Mythic you have the chance to reach item level 385. There are different types of Mythic armour:

  • Cloth
  • Leather
  • Mail
  • Plate Mail

Also in Uldir there is again a Vantsrune, namely the Vantsrune: Uldir. The higher the difficulty level, the higher the item level.

  • LFR difficulty level: 340
  • Normal difficulty level: 355
  • Heroic difficulty: 370
  • Mythic difficulty level: 385

To get the Mythical Full Gear Set, you must complete the Raid Uldir on the mythical difficulty level. We will boost the Uldir Full Gear Set and give you the best set of Uldir.


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