Item - level boost

In WoW there are a lot of items and equipment and over the years they have become more and more. A lot of dungeon and raid equipment has come out. Blizzard started to make it so that with every major new raid, they'd put out a gear to go with it.


We offer a variety of dungeon item level boosts in our online shop. They range from item level 400 to 430, and the better your item level is, the more you can take. As the name suggests, Dungeon Gears are mainly designed for dungeons and therefore not very useful in big raids. We are the only ones that can get you Mythic Plus Item Level Gear and you can even choose what level it is. With a Mythic Plus Item you are in the top league and you don't have to worry about whether your gear is good enough anymore. With our Gear Boost you are prepared for everything.

At Melk Trupp, your item boosts are only performed by the best players to ensure a safe game. Your boosts will be executed via Acc or Selfplay and you can be sure that all of them will be played via Handplay. Everything is made possible by Melk Trupp Boosting, your trusted booster.