Gear Packages

World of Warcraft is experiencing a new upswing with Battle for Azeroth. Many players have come back to continue or start over. With WoW Classic, something came out that many had to find their way back into the game, and with Battle for Azeroth you have the best WoW experience to get back into the game. Apart from the fact that you can find the best BfA Boost you can get at Melk Trupp Boosting.


In our online shop you can find three Starter Boost bundles. These are divided into bronze, silver and gold. The Gold Bundle is of course much better than the Bronze Bundle, you should not forget that. With the Start Boost for BfA we will bring you from level 110 to 120 very quickly and the equipment level from the Bronze to the Gold Bundle alone is 30 levels.

With a Starter Boost from Melk Trupp, you'll be well-equipped to battle your way through the world of Azeroth. You can also start off into the first dungeons and raids, no matter which boost you get. Even in the arena, we won't be idle, because everyone loves to kick the crap out of their opponents in the arena. In every bundle we will pay the arena a visit, at least one.