Ashjra'kamas, Shroud of Resolve

The new cloak from patch 8.3 is the Ashjra'kamas, Shroud of Resolve.

We will level your cloak up to level 15.

The levels will be achieved through handplay.

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Battle for Azeroth is slowly coming to an end, and this was initiated with the invasions of N'Zoth. Blizzard has been bringing World of Warcraft to the game for more than a decade with a steady stream of new expansions and features. They expand and improve the game wherever they can. The latest patch 8.3 brings us many changes and new features, such as the two new allied races and the new traditional armor.

N'Zoth has been freed from its Titan prison and now has Azeroth and its armies firmly in place. As N'Zoth was captured thousands of years ago and placed in a Titan prison by the Titans. Even in his time of seclusion, he was still pulling the strings. In the depths of the ocean, he still corrupts the Emerald Dream, and is responsible for most of the evils that have befallen Azeroth. Finally, the old god N'Zoth reveals himself, but many puzzle how he escaped his eternal prison. It has taken an eternity to prepare and plan his escape. He was locked up for several thousand years and turned the events in his favor. The old god's greatest success was to corrupt the great leader of the Dragon Aspect, Neltharion. The Earth Guardian chosen by the Titans slowly went mad and no one noticed, not his brothers and sisters or friends. He became Deathwing and was partly to blame for the cataclysm. This was exactly the plan of N'Zoth, because the cataclysm also caused the city of the elves to sink. Queen Azshara and her people drowned in the floods. She became the queen of the naga and the sea, which I'm sure you remember from patch 8.2. The events of patch 8.2 indicated the outbreak of N'Zoth and this has now come true.

The Black Empire has its leader back who after all these years is finally sitting on the throne again and can command his armies. Meanwhile, his armies are pouring out of the halls of the Black Fortress on their way to Azeroth to bring death and destruction. Uldum and the Valley of the Blossoms are in the sights of N'Zoth and his armies. They continue to attack the areas, bringing corruption to Azeroth. The sleeping city of Ny'alotha will awaken because N'Zoth has returned. It will become an awakening city and a new raid, where N'Zoth will lurk and wait for you as end boss.

Patch 8.3 now includes the Horrific Visions that come from N'Zoth. These instances will keep you on your toes and your corruption will continue to rise in these instances until you can't take it anymore and pass out. If you enter these visions, you will always have to pay for it. For only through a vessel of horrific visions will you enter. To get to this vessel, however, you must first collect Manifested Visions from the invasion sites. When you have collected enough, you can go to Furion to exchange them.

There is a way to resist the corruption of the Horrific Visions, however. You need Ashjra'kamas, Shroud of Resolve. This cloak will protect you, and the stronger it is, the further you can get in the visions. That's right, you can improve the cloak and get even stronger. The cloak can be upgraded to rank 15, and the passive ones are called: The Curse of the Stone, Fruit and Flesh, The Ultimate Truth, Malevolent Core. With our WoW Boost you are able to enter all visions without any problems. Our Boosting Service is the best when it comes to WoW Boosting. We will get you the cape as soon as possible, so you can finally start playing.

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