Battle for Stromgarde Heroic Warfront

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Product details

  • 1x Battle for Stromgarde Heroic Warfront Victory for any faction
  • Achievements A: Heroic: War is Hell H: Heroic: War is Hell
  • 1x 400+ ilvl item guaranteed for warfront victory and 425+ ilvl item as a weekly quest reward

Blizzard has added a new Warfront: The Battle of Stormgarde to the 8.2 patch of Battle for Azeroth. The strategy game features 20 Horde and Alliance players in a PvE battle. It's about building buildings and training troops and sending them to enemies. The Battle of Stormgarde is a heroic warfront, which means it is only available in Heroic Difficulty.

With our help, your character can easily manage the battle and get some items and achievement. If you win, you are guaranteed to get a 400+ item and for the weekly quest reward, you will get a 425+ item. A great success (achievement) you get as a reward. The achievement "War is Hell" exists for both factions.

Scenario for the Horde:

1. Conquer Ar'gorok back:

  • Kill Veteran Sergeant Slayde
  • Great Hall has to be rebuilt
  • Take Hatchet Ridge
  • Take Drywhisker Mine

2. To push the effort forward:

  • Building the workshop
  • Devastator must be built
  • Take Hero Call Pass

3. The looting of Stormgarde Castle:

  • The gate must be destroyed
  • Kill Alliance Commanders

Scenario for the Alliance:

1.  Conquers Stormgarde Castle Back

  • Kill Häscherverteran Kromshok
  • Reconstruct town hall
  • Take Glason's Mine
  • Take a highland sawmill

2. Push the effort forward:

  • Building the workshop
  • Building siege machines
  • Take the North Court Cross

3. The plunder of Ar'gorok:

  • The gate must be destroyed
  • Kill Horde commanders

The war front is bitterly contested. Alliance and Horde are in competition against themselves and against time. Who will probably be able to strike first and who will have to strike back. Choose your side and help your faction to victory and our boosting service will always help you well.


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