World Quests

In order to unlock your [EU] WoW: Battle for Azeroth - World Quests, your character must reach all three different factions in a friendly way. The progress of the war campaign is also part of the unlocking process. Furthermore, as a reward for unlocking the world quests, there is the whistle of the flight master as a reward. If you already own a pipe from Legion, it will be upgraded.

You will be rewarded with equipment, artifact power, gold or war resources.

These also include the following quests

  • Normal world quests
  • Elite Worldquest
  • Groups Worldquest
  • Dungeon Worldquest
  • Raid Worldquest


In Battle for Azeroth, Worldquest was added as endgame content. Once your character has reached level 120, you can unlock Worldquest. To be able to unlock this quest, you will need to earn the "Friendly" reputation with all factions. To unlock, you must accept the Alliance quest "The Unification of Kul Tiras" and the Horde quest "The Unification of Zandalar".

To gain reputation, we must complete the quest series:


  • Proudmoore Admiralty
  • Storm's Wake
  • Order of Embers


  • Voldunai
  • Zandalari Empire
  • Talanji's Expedition

Worldquests also have different types and the more difficult the quest, the higher the reward. The different types are:

  • Normal Worldquest
  • Elite Worldquest
  • Group Worldquest
  • Dungeon Worldquest
  • Raid Worldquest

We complete all the quests for you and we also complete the achievement for you:

  • 50 Worldquests completed
  • 200 Worldquests completed
  • 500 Worldquests completed
  • 1000 Worldquest completed

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