Ny'alotha is the new raid from the Visions of N'Zoth and the old god awaits you deep in the Black Empire as the final boss in the raid. The raid has a total of 12 bosses for you and N'Zoth is the final boss. The first boss is Wrathion, the Black Emperor is also known as the Dark Prince. He is the son of Deathwing and belongs to the Black Dragonflight. He is also the only dragon that has not been corrupted by the Old Gods. The second boss is Maut and when he was awakened he simply devoured the magic of his creators and was left to rot. The Prophet Skitra is the third boss in the raid. Skitra is a master of mind manipulation because he twists the minds of his opponents so that they can no longer differentiate from reality and visions.

The fourth boss is Dark Inquisitor Xanesh, and if you can resist N'Zoth long enough, you'll feel her anger. She is the master torturer, and she ensures that her victims slowly become true worshipers of the Black Empire. The fifth boss is The Hivemind. The generals Ka'zir and Tek'ris command the Aqir army of N'Zoth, and the two are in constant competition to see which of them has the most power. The sixth boss is Shad'har, the insatiable and he eats everything he can get his hands on. Most of the time, however, he eats the slime that comes out of the walls. He suffers from permanent pain, because what he devours causes permanent mutations. Drest'agath is the seventh boss and since N'Zoth is back she is constantly threatening to contaminate the planet with a plague. Vexiona is the eighth boss in this raid. She collects lost souls at her temple, because she wants to raise a huge army of horror. Ra-den, the Despoiled is the ninth boss of the raid. The black empire has made him a guardian, and now he must turn the terrible visions of the old god into reality. The tenth boss is Il'gynoth, reborn corruption. Since his devastating defeat in the Emerald Dream, he has retreated deep into Ny'alotha. Ever since he merged with the plain, he's been polluting everything he touches. Carapace of N'Zoth is the eleventh boss in this raid. The heart is the power of the Black Empire. N'Zoth the Corruptor is the final boss in the raid. The true form of doom is revealed, and if it is not stopped, a darkness lies over Azeroth.