Castle Nathria

The first raid in Shadowlands is Castle Nathria.

This raid contains a total of 10 different bosses, new mechanics, lots of fancy loot and, of course, achievements. Sire Denathrius is one of the strongest final bosses and therefore a great challenge for all active guilds.

Castle Nathria convinces with a fantastic atmosphere, a large building with beautiful details. The raid is structured in a very variable way, so that the group often has the opportunity to decide which way they want to go. In between, however, there are always fixed sequences.

Castle Nathria opened its doors for the first time on 9 December, on normal and heroic difficulty. One week later, you could already conquer the castle on mythic and since 3 February, all wings of the castle are also available in the raid browser.

You will then seek out the traitor Denathrius in his castle Nathria and fight him. After you have defeated all his followers, you will face Count Denathrius himself in the final battle.