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World of Warcraft finally got a new expansion with patch 8.3. With the last major expansion for Battle for Azeroth, one of the old gods is finally revealed. N'Zoth will once again settle in Azeroth and corrupt our world. From the depths of the sea he will rise up and attack the individual lands. He has corrupted the Emerald Dream and turned it into a nightmare. One of his most famous victims is Eranicus Shade. You have had to fight against him once before. He has been overcome by the Emerald Dream, because N'Zoth turned it into a nightmare.

Through the events in the Eternal Palace the return of the old god was prepared. His Titan-made prison kept him imprisoned for several thousand years. Now his ancient corruption has taken root in Azeroth, and he once again spreads his corruption across the land. Though he was imprisoned for an eternity, his deeds never truly left. Every citizen of Azeroth who had a nightmare was haunted by N'Zoth. Thousands of years ago, the Titans imprisoned him so that his corruption could never again rain down upon the world. Once N'Zoth was ruler of the black empire long before he was imprisoned. His greatest achievement then was to corrupt Neltharion. The old name Neltharion is hardly known to anyone anymore, as he was renamed during the terrible events. He was the Earth Guardian, yet now he is called Deathwing and is the once great leader of the Dragon Aspect. Through the Cataclysm, Azshara became the queen of the Naga, and the former Earth Guardian Deathwing was involved in the Cataclysm. So N'Zoth brought Azshara to his prison and prepared his escape.

Ny'alotha has always been the sleeping city, for it has never been considered in history. But now the city wakes up in patch 8.3 and the visions of N'Zoth come. Ny'alotha will become a new raid in Battle for Azeroth, and this will be the last in Battle for Azeroth as the next expansion with the WoW Shadowlands is in the starting stages. The city is awakened by the fact that N'Zoth is finally back on the throne of the black empire for thousands of years. The visions of N'Zoth are terrible and horrible. His armies pour out of the dark halls and all are on their way to fulfill his visions.

With patch 8.3 many new things have been added to World of Warcraft. As mentioned above, a new raid and new dungeons with the terrible visions have been added. Finally, and long awaited, new allied races have been added with the Mechagnomen for the Alliance and the Vulpera for the Horde. New traditional armor for the Goblins and Worgen also came out. These armors are really special and beautifully designed, they will take your allies to a whole new level.

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