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  • Item Level in Normal Mode: 445+
  • Item Level in Heroic Mode: 460+
  • Item Level in Mytic Mode: 475+

Buy now your [EU] Ny'alotha - N'Zoth Kill !

World of Warcraft has finally introduced the next expansion for Battle for Azeroth. The new patch 8.3 is called Vision of N'Zoth and will finally bring an old god to Azeroth. But there will also be some new stuff like new allied races, new mounts, and more. There will also be a new raid with a total of 12 bosses. This raid will be called Ny'alotha and will lure you into the Black Empire. Something that will also be added are the terrible visions and these will cause you big problems. These nightmares in which you will find yourself will show you an alternative reality. In the raid you can't hold out for long, you have to fight your way forward bit by bit.

With our product we will kill you the boss N'Zoth and only this boss. N'Zoth the old god, is the end boss in the Ny'alotha raid. The old god stands for nothing good, because he corrupts the Emerald Dream and makes it a nightmare. Any major evil that happens in Azeroth can be traced back to him. He is behind every nightmare and shadowy horror and yet he ficts in Azeroth.

In BfA Patch 8.3, the ancient god will rise from the depths of the sea and endanger all of Azeroth. He also tries to spoil all living beings in Azeroth with his terrible visions. N'Zoth is one of the four ancient gods and has corrupted Deathwing among others. It was one of his greatest successes to bring the Earth Guardian Neltharion to his side. He managed to drive him slowly into madness without the siblings of Neltharion having noticed anything. Eventually he submitted and became Deathwing the Destroyer, resulting in cataclysm. Before N'Zoth frees himself in patch 8.3, he is trapped in the depths of the sea. He is held captive in Nazjatar and is chained with Titan chains far below the Eternal Palace of Azshara. Queen Azshara is closely allied with the ancient god N'Zoth. The power of the ancient gods extends far beyond the borders of their dungeons. So it is assumed that N'Zoth probably brought the night elves to their doom. Our product includes the Boss kill for N'Zoth, and it works by inviting you into the raid when we get to the boss. You will get all the special items and you can also choose in which difficulty you want to have the boss.

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