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The Eternal Palace once belonged to the capital Nazjatar but by the war of the ancients it was sunk. Now the palace belongs to the Naga and their people worship their queen Azshara. Azshara is a highborn and this was the highest nobility among the night elves. She was one of the most powerful magicians of her time, and even Mannoroth had to respect her, if not fear her. When the Well of Eternity was destroyed, the world split. As a result, the palace of Azshara sank and she and her Highborne were dragged into the depths of the sea. Azshara was the only one who could stop the floods at least for a short time. Consecrated to death and just before drowning, Azshara heard three voices and they helped her survive. Although Azshara wasn't powerful enough already, she received new gifts from the three. She became immortal and has a power that would kill any mortal. She now possesses so much power that she has to work magic again and again in order not to succumb to her.

The Eternal Palace is a raid designed for level 120 players. In this raid 8 bosses are waiting for you and they are: Abyssal Commander Sivara, Blackwater Behemonth, Radiance of Azshara, Lady Priscilla Ashvane, Orozoa, Queen's Court, Za'qul, Queen Azshara.

The Blackwater Behemonth is truly a Devil's Brood and it was invoked from the depths of the sea. It lurks in the dark abysses and not even the Naga dare to go there. Only Queen Azshara is able to tame him and train him.

Za'qul, harbinger of Ny'alotha and he is the herald of the end of all days. He brings chaos to the world and paves the way for his master.

Orgozoa guards the breeding ground and looks after the brood of Azshara.

The Abyssal commander Sivara is a master of magical and physical combat. She has led Azshara to victory in many battles.

Radiance of Azshara was created from storm and magic. He is an elemental being that resembles a monstrosity.

Lady Ashvane is obsessed with power and has therefore formed an alliance with Azshara. She gets for her loyalty much more than she ever asked for.

The queen's court is a boss in the eternal palace and one of the queen's most loyal servants. For many thousands of years he has exercised the will of his queen.

Queen Azshara is the last boss and final boss in the eternal palace. She is the Queen of the Naga and the leader of Nazjatar.

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