Mechagnome Attunement

Starting with patch 8.3 you can unlock the new Allied Race of the Mechagnomes.

To play the Mechagnomes, you need the exalted reputation of the Rustbolt Resistance faction.

Furthermore the achievement "The Mechagonian Threat" is needed.

Once both have been completed, WoW Patch 8.3 will provide you with a quest series to unlock the Mechagnomes.

Mechagnomes Racials:

  • Re-Arm: Automatically heal yourself when your health drops to a low life total
  • Combat Analysis: Get stronger as you fight the same enemy
  • Hyper Organic Light Originator: Summon decoys of yourself to distract foes
  • Skeleton Pinkie: Open locked chests
  • Mastercraft: Function as a personal set of crafting tools for professions

Vulpera Classes:

  • Warrior
  • Hunter
  • Rogue
  • Priest
  • Mage
  • Warlock
  • Monk

The Mechagnomes can only be played on Horde!


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In World of Warcraft there is much to discover and experience. A very interesting thing are the allied races, because they support you in battle. The allied races are not new races, they are from known races and just have a different look. In the new patch 8.3 for Battle for Azeroth there are a lot of new things and new raids and dungeons. A special feature of the patch are the new allied races. The new patch adds two new races. The two new races Mechagnome and Vulpera are added. The Vulpera are the other new allied race and they are very similar to a fox. These fox-like creatures are very eager, intelligent and tolerant at the same time. The nomadic plunderers collect everything they find and try to recycle or sell it. They live in the Zandalar Desert and have learned to survive there even though they are in a constant war against the Sethark. The Sethark have been oppressing the Vulpera for generations and that's why the Vulpera try to keep their distance.

The Mechagnome was created by the Titan in the image of the guardian Mimiron the Great Architect. They are hybrids of gnomes and robots and act as guardians and servants. They have replaced and improved some parts of their bodies with mechanical parts. Once they wanted to mechanize themselves completely, but now they create a balance between steel and flesh. Since they left Gnomeregan, the gnomes have been isolated on their island. When they left Gnomeregan, they built the huge metropolis Mechagon on the island. But now the king Mechagon rules with an iron fist and you have to support the Rustbold Resistance to join the alliance. The available classes with which you can unlock a Mechagnom as an ally: Hunter, Mage, Monk, Priest, Rogue, Warlock, and Warrior. The Mechagnome have some special folk abilities, such as Emergency Failsafe. This ability allows your ally to restore your health when you have very little left. Mechagnomes also have Combat Analysis, which makes them stronger when you fight the same enemies more often. Another ability is Hyper Organic Light Originator and it summon duplicates to confuse your opponents. A very useful ability that Mechagnome have is Skeleton Pinkie. This ability allows you to open locked doors. Mastercraft is an ability that allows you to be your own hand tool.

Unlocking the allied Mechagnome race should not be too difficult. You need a level 120 character and an awesome reputation with the Rustbolt Resistance faction. You will also need to complete the complete story on Mechagon Island. Then you will receive the unlock quest for the Mechagnome as an allied race. With our Boost you don't have to worry about all that anymore, because our Boosting Service is the best you can get.


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