Tomb of Sargeras Transmog Gear Tier 20 Set

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Tomb of Sargeras Transmog Gear Tier 20 Set

Tomb of Sargeras came in WoW Legion Patch 7.2 and was the fourth raid instance. The raid included Kiljaeden as the final boss and a total of 9 bosses. To get to the entrance, you must head northeast on the Devastated Coast map. For each boss there is a Vantus rune.The different bosses are:

The Gates of Hell:

  • Goroth
  • Harjatan
  • Mistress Sasszine

The Complaining Halls:

  • Demonic Inquisition
  • Sisters of the Moon
  • The Desolate Host

The Avatar's chamber:

  • Maiden of Vigilance
  • Kil'jaeden <The Deceiver>

Decline of the fraud:

  • Kiljaeden

With the Legion expansion, there are also so-called tokens from these then the Tier 20 set items can be bought from dealers. The bosses in the tomb of Sargeras also leave the token as loot.

You can see which bosses drop the tokens here:

  • Demonic Inquisition: Head
  • Fallen Avatar: Shoulders
  • The Desolate Host: Cape
  • Kil'jaeden: Chest
  • Harjatan: Hands
  • Mistress Sassz'ine: Legs

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