Bloody Tokens

Buy World of Warcraft [EU] Bloody Tokens at Melk Trupp.

We help you farm your desired number of Bloody Tokens in record speed.

With these Tokens you can buy the Drakebreaker's Cowl Set. You will find all items and the number of required Bloody Tokens here.

The Bloody Tokens can be exchanged for Dragonflight at Fieldmaster Emberath in Valdrakken of the capital.

The PvP items increase the counter condition level in Arenas and on Battlegrounds to 408!

Melk Trupp guarantees a legitimate implementation of your farm service, as well as a quick processing of the handplay Dragonflight service.

Product details

In the realm of Azeroth, where the boundaries between the mundane and the fantastical blur, Melk Trupp offers you a gateway to legend. Envision yourself traversing the vast expanses of Dragonflight, empowered and prestigious, adorned with the coveted Dragon Devastator set. This ambition, through our Bloody Badge service, shifts from mere dream to attainable reality.

Purchasing Bloody Badges from Melk Trupp is more than a simple trade; it is your pass into a sphere where your valor and heroics are manifested in the gear you don. With our assistance, you need not spend countless hours in the arduous pursuit of these coveted tokens. Instead, we propel you at breakneck speed to the pinnacle, where you can claim your desired number of Bloody Badges to procure the Dragon Devastator set.

Each Bloody Badge is a key to power, and with every step we undertake on your behalf, that goal inches closer. In Valdrakken, the throbbing heart of Dragonflight, Quartermaster Glutrath awaits to exchange your hard-fought badges for gear that elevates your Resilience level in arenas and battlegrounds to an imposing 408. These numbers signify not just strength, but an overwhelming dominance that you will radiate in combat.

Partnering with Melk Trupp means security and trust. We guarantee a legitimate execution of your farming service and promise swift handling of the Handplay Dragonflight service. Our expertise and commitment are your advantage in battle. We understand the importance of efficiency and rapidity in the World of Warcraft; hence our service is tuned for maximum speed without compromising quality.

You are not merely a player—you are a warrior, a conqueror in the digital domain. And that's precisely why our service is tailored to your needs. With each Bloody Badge we secure for you, we equip you not just with items, but with the glory and honor your character deserves. It's a symbol of your achievements and progress, a testament that you do not merely participate—you dominate.

Our pledge to you is straightforward: We ensure that you receive the tools necessary to not just survive in the World of Warcraft, but to triumph. With Melk Trupp by your side, the next tier of your journey is but a click away. Ascend, warrior of Azeroth, and let us pave your path to legend together.


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Priority of armor and tokens means that every armor and token that matches your specc will be assigned to you without rolling dice.

Full Priority means that all loot that matches your specialization will be directed to you without rolling dice.

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