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We offer a variety of Arena Boosting Services including 2v2, 3v3, and 5v5. With our experienced team of WoW boosters and our tailored services, you can quickly improve your rating.

The Arena is a PvP mode in World of Warcraft where players compete in teams against each other to earn glory and rewards. In this mode, players need to use their skills and tactics to defeat their opponents and secure victory.

With our boosting service, you will not only increase your rating but also gain valuable experiences and strategies in the PvP domain. Our experts will be at your side with tips and tricks so that you can fight your opponents in the arena more effectively. With our support, you will quickly learn how to climb the rankings and make a name for yourself in the world of Azeroth.

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WOW WotLK Classic

Welcome to the world of Melktrupp Boosting, a realm where passion for gaming, competitive excellence, and a peerless community converge to deliver an unparalleled World of Warcraft (WoW) experience. Our Boosting Shop is more than a mere service provider; we are your allies on the path to glory and honor in the arenas and battlegrounds of Azeroth.

Let's begin with our crown jewel, the Gladiator and Gladiator Gear Boost, which stands out in our shop like a luminous star in Dalaran's night sky. This service is the ultimate pursuit for any serious arena combatant. With our Gladiator Boost, you earn not only the coveted Gladiator title but also access to exclusive gear that sets your character apart from the masses. But this is more than a matter of style; the enhanced combat power that this gear bestows is a decisive advantage in the heated fray of the arena.

But what is a Gladiator without his arena? Here, you'll find a variety of rating boosts for 2v2, 3v3, and even the rare 5v5 format. Each of these services is tailored to maximize your arena experience. Whether you wish to form a duo with your faithful companion or prefer the coordinated strategy of a full team, we have just what you need.

For those who aspire to the ultimate status symbol, we offer the Tabard of the Wrathful Gladiator. This prestigious garment is a testament to your skills and dedication, admired by all who behold it.

But it's not just about glory. It's also about recognition of your skills and achievements. The Arena Master is a title reserved for the true connoisseur – someone who has mastered the arena and deserves the recognition that comes with this title. Our experts will help you reach this goal by teaching you the tricks and strategies that will lead you to the top.

In addition to these high-caliber services, we also offer the Weekly Arena Points Cap, ensuring that you keep up the momentum and maintain your progress. This service is essential to continuously climb the ranks and dominate your opponents.

Moreover, we must not overlook the Honor Points Boost, a crucial factor for any player looking to upgrade their gear and refine their skills. Honor points are the bread and butter of every WoW combatant, and our boosting service ensures that you never fall short.

Our shop is not just about offering you the quickest and most efficient path to victory. We understand that every warrior has their own story, their own journey, their own legend to write. That's why we strive to provide a personal and tailored experience for each of our clients. We listen, we adapt, and we go above and beyond to ensure that your path to glory is as unique as you are.

Our calls to action are not mere words; they are promises, invitations to an experience that will not only grow you as a player but also as part of a community. We invite you to become part of this community, to write your story, and to claim your rightful place among the legends of World of Warcraft.

Melktrupp Boosting is more than a shop. It is a gateway to a world where courage is rewarded, skill is respected, and legends are born. We are not just your boosters; we are your mentors, your fans, your comrades-in-arms. Together, we write history.

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