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World of Warcraft PvE Boost: Mythic Keystone Dungeon Boost buy cheap at Melk Trupp

Product details

  • At +10 Azerti Armor Itemlevel 410 from your Weekly Chest
  • In-Time Guarantee

Please use the slider to select the desired level of the keystone

Mythic Plus Coaching
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21,99 €

* including 19% VAT.

Melk Trupp's Keystone Boost is your best friend in legions new dungeon content

We will make you receiving all achievements from Mythic+ the easy way

You won't have to struggle through toxic random groups anymore. Our quality is your gamebreaker.


Loot options

Personal loot:

3 Items per Dungeon for whole Group

Gearscore depends on Keystones difficult


Our Keystone

Our team will have a keystone ready for you, if nothing else appointed


Unlocking the weekly classhall chest

Finishing a mythic+ dungeon will make you able to open a chest in your classhall in the following week.

Depending on Keystones difficult, you will find different rewards in it:

  • Titanforged item from mythic+ content 
    min reward for finishing +15 dungeon: 940+ Item
  • Artifactpower
    reward is not capped. Higher dungeon means more AP.


We'll contact you within 12 hours after payment to fix your appointment

Guaranteed processing within 10 days after arranging appointment (average process-time: 0-3 days)


  • no performance required
  • we play with your account
  • safe dealing with sensitive data


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