Mythic Dungeons


World of Warcraft PvE Boost: Battle of Artherot Mythic Dungeons buy cheap at Melk Trupp

Product details

  • Boost Service for the 5 player dungeon content in World of Warcraft: Battle of Artherot
  • Loot with gearscore 400

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6,00 €

* including 19% VAT.

Melk Trupp's Mythic Dungeon Boost helps you completing all 5-player mythic dungeons in Legion.

No need to struggle with bad organised random groups

We afford you completing the weekly ID's the relaxed way



We'll contact you within 12 hours after payment to fix your appointment

Guaranteed processing within 10 days after arranging appointment (average process-time: 0-3 days)


  • no performance required
  • we play with your account
  • safe dealing with sensitive data


  • no performance required
  • u will play yourself with your own account