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  • Professional ratingboost for 3vs3 arena in World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth
  • This service is also available as Selfplay

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19,99 €

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Melk-Trupp's 3vs3 Arena Rating boost allows you to reach high arena-ratings without any struggle.

Get access to Battle for Azeroths most exclusive PvP-rewards with our help:


  • Fighters: from a score of 1,400
  • Title "Fighter"
  • Elite-PvP-Set: Wrist
  • Elite PvP Set: Belt


  • Challengers: from 1,600
  • Title "Challengers"
  • Elite-PvP-Set: Gloves
  • Elite PvP Set: Legs
  • Elite PvP Set: Feet


  • Rival: from a rating of 1,800
  • Title "Rival"
  • Elite PvP Set: Helmet
  • Elite PvP Set: Shoulders
  • Elite PvP Set: Chest


  • Duelist: from a score of 2.100
  • Title "Duelist"
  • Elite PvP Set: Cape
  • Elite PvP Weapon Enchantment




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