Farm - Level

With the fast WoW service of Melk Trupp your char will be levelled to the maximum level without any bot. If you like, you can watch a livestream as your char is quest through the World of Warcraft within 12 hours from 110 to 120.

Also in Accplay our successful team plays your account - of course absolutely discreet. Before you can get impatient, you have the next exalted faction. This makes Word of Warcraft even more fun!

You're still missing some archievments for the ascent? With our help, your heroes will catch up in no time. A fast boost makes it possible.

Whether the Battle for Azeroth Starter Quests or with the Azerit farming service you are guaranteed an easy start into the current world.

Are you missing a success that you can't find here in the PvE Shop? Then don't hesitate to contact our english support. Sit back and relax - we are sure to find a solution. After all, you turn to the team with the world's best players.

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