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Melk Trupp Boosting is a successful gaming company, which has developed thanks to its numerous awards, successes and years of experience. We give you the opportunity to boost your achievements, leveling and goals in various online games that you have always wanted to achieve. Whether World of Warcraft (WoW Boost), Dota 2 Boost or Diablo Boost. Our professional players will help you reach your goal. These include MMR Boost in Dota 2 or various categories in World of Warcraft, such as Arena & Battlegrounds, Dungeons & Raids, Coaching or Play with a Pro. Everything is possible at Melk Trupp Boosting. With us you can choose whether you want to play yourself or one of our professional players plays for you. We are looking forward to seeing you!

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WoW BfA Patch 8.3

10.10.2019 12:08
Since the Battle for Azeroth came out in mid 2018, a lot has happened to today and now something is finally happening again!The WoW expansion Battle for Azeroth gets a new patch 8.3 called Visions of N'Zoth. In this patch there will be many changes and there will also be a new raid. This raid is called Ny'alotha and a total of 12 bosses and N'Zoth are waiting for you. Finally we get to see one of the old gods with this patch, we all waited a long time for this moment and with N'Zoth finally one shows up. Probably we'll feel all his ...

For decades, WoW has been a huge success, and Blizzard has managed to create a universe that no one else has been able to beat. For years there have been new enhancements and updates for WoW, which shows Blizzard's great efforts to provide the game with new content over and over again and not to make the game boring. Although the game is more than 10 years old, it still enjoys more than great popularity. WoW Classic will have a big player boom because everyone wants to have this gaming experience.Now it's "Back to the roots" for ...