Diablo 3

With Diablo, Blizzard has launched another major game brand and created other milestones in addition to WoW and Starcraft. Diablo 3 is an action role-playing game and was released in 2012 for PC and 2013 for consoles. The Diablo 2 sequel was a huge success and set a new standard for upcoming games of the genre. The game was so successful that it was even released again for Nintendo Switch in 2018. Action role-playing is just the generic term for hack and slay and fantasy role-playing.

Diablo 3
The Hack and Slay game principle in Diablo is well known and a great success with the players. What is Hack and Slay? This term comes from the role playing area and refers to a game system that is strongly focused on combat. Monster battles are not uncommon in such games, because only by killing monsters or completing quests you will gain experience. Also in Diablo 3 you will have a lot of enemies waiting for you and you have to smash them. With our boosting of Melk Trupp you are well advised.

What is Diablo 3? First of all, you'll get into character selection and creation. There you have to choose from 5 different heroes, these are: Barbarian, Witch Doctor, Wizard, Monk and Demon Hunter. The Reaper of Souls expansion adds the Crusader as a playable Hero, and the last DLC for Diablo 3 was the Necromancer. The Necromancer was something players were looking forward to, and now it's finally playable. Another new feature in Diablo 3 is that you can choose your gender. Every hero has his own skills and talents, which you automatically get when you level up. The third part in the Diablo series is the first one in 3D and can't be compared to the old parts, but the bird's eye view has been kept.

Blizzard has also released its own gaming platform, Battle.net, so players can play together better and have their favorite games at a glance. Diablo 3 is more multiplayer oriented and that you play it with your friends. The multiplayer mode is designed so that the opponents become stronger as more players join the game. However, you're never alone in Diablo 3, because there are always companions to join your path or hire.

But Diablo also has different game modes, hardcore and seasonal. Being a hardcore hero in Diablo is certainly not easy to play. You have to be on your guard against the enemies. With a hardcore character you can't die! If you should die or be killed, then everything you have fought for with this character is gone. A seasonal hero in Diablo 3 is only for the season in which he was created. During the season you can compete against other players and see who is the best. Of course there are also many special items that you can use on your account. Among the special items are: companions, portraits, wings, flags and more. With our Diablo 3 Boost you can achieve all the special rewards you can imagine.

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