Valorant Boosting Service

Valorant by Riot is a free-to-play char-based 5v5 shooter from 2020, a mix of CS:GO and Overwatch that pits two teams against each other.

You choose your agent in Valorant and not just your weapon as in other shooters. Each agent has special abilities, and using them correctly is crucial to the game.

Each match consists of a total of 25 rounds, with the first team to win 13 rounds being crowned the winner. 

The MMR system in Valorant is like most rank system games you know. You have to win ten unranked matches before you even get the chance to play in Ranked Mode.

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As in other games, Valorant has a Battlepass system. The Battlepass has 50 levels and must be purchased. It is divided into 10 chapters. This rewards you with cosmetic items such as weapon skins, player cards or sprays.

Riot regularly expands their tactical shooter with patches, balance updates, maps and new agents.

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