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WoW Classic is back!

Blizzard made the biggest hit in gaming history with the release of World of Warcraft in 2004. WoW is still being updated and patched to this day. Since then, 8 expansions have been released, which have continuously improved and optimized the World of Warcraft game. However, after so many changes and years, the game has evolved on its own and is no longer the same as it was at the beginning. Some players who started back then wanted the old WoW back, the original. That's why Blizzard decided to release a Classic version of the game.

When WoW Classic was announced, there was great anticipation for the old version. Many players want to relive the feeling they had back then. Back when the game was released, Blizzard got millions of people to play the game at the same time. They even set a Guinness World Record in 2009 for the most popular multiplayer online role-playing game, and it received several awards as well.

In late 2023, Blizzard decided to expand the offering for the nostalgics and introduced the Classic Hardcore servers. The special thing about these servers is that when a character dies, he remains trapped in his ghost form forever. Resurrections and abilities like Reincarnation no longer work. However, these ghosts can still exist in the game world and communicate with other players, for example, to clarify logistical matters, such as handing over guild leadership to another character. Those who do not wish to remain in the ghost world have the option to transfer their deceased character to a regular Classic Realm for free.

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WOW Classic
Blizzard is making WoW Classic available to us again, but is it really the same as it was then?

No, not quite Blizzard didn't miss out on some simplifications in the game, so called comfort features. These comfort functions are:

- Item comparison

You can now compare items at the push of a button, but this feature wasn't in WoW at the beginning, it was only introduced in The Burning Crusade.

- Character Screen

You can arrange your characters according to your own judgement.

- Auto Loot

It's hard to imagine that Auto Loot didn't exist back then and you had to pick up every item yourself. Fortunately you don't have to do that anymore and in WoW Classic the items are collected automatically.

- Ingame Addon Management

Back then you had to log out of the game to turn addons off or on. In WoW Classic there it is the in-game and you don't have to log out anymore.

- Forced landing for booked flights

You can now land one or two stations earlier at the push of a button and back then you had to log out to land quickly.

- Movable UI

In the Vanilla version of WoW it was so that you could only move your user interface with addons but with Classic it will be included as standard.

- Shipping multiple items

You can send up to 12 items at once in Classic. In the Vanilla WoW you could only send multiple items through addons.

- Loot Trade in Raids

If you took the wrong item back then, it took forever to give it to the right character. In Classic you can simply trade in raids.

- Modern menu structure

The menu screens in Classic are much clearer and simpler.

- Interface decay time

The cooldown of buffs and the same in Vanilla was only displayed with addons. In Classic they are also not displayed directly at the beginning, but you have to activate them in a menu item.

- Ingame Voice Chat

In Classic there will be an in-game voice chat not like in the Vanilla game. That means you don't need any external programs anymore.

In WoW Classic many things change but not everything. There are many classes in WoW BfA, as many as there never are in Classic. The classes that are available to you at the beginning: Druid, Warlock, Hunter, Warrior, Mage, Paladin, Priest, Shaman, Rogue. The Alliance and the Horde also have different races. The races of the Alliance are: Gnomes, humans, night elves, dwarves and of the Horde are the races: Orcs, Tauren, Trolls, Undead.

Classic will be a completely new experience for many players. Even for WoW veterans, it will take months to level. It won't go up to level 120 anymore, but only up to level 60 like in the beginning.

If you find the time to pursue a profession besides the whole quest you can learn a lot more. In WoW Classic you can choose from a total of 9 professions. Every profession has its advantages and disadvantages and you should adapt your profession to your character. And when choosing your profession, keep in mind that you can only choose two professions at the same time.

If you have two professions and you notice that one of them doesn't appeal to you anymore, you can unlearn the profession you don't want anymore, but if you lose a profession you lose everything you've learned.

Let's get to the professions, the first one I want to suggest to you is alchemy. This job is probably one of the most important but not an easy one either. Alchemists are popular in the scene and everyone likes to have one as a friend. You can earn a lot of gold with this profession but you also have to do a lot for it. You need recipes for it and some of them are very hard to get.

The next profession is blacksmithing and you focus on forging armor and swords. You have to collect a lot of resources in this profession and later you have to specialize. That means you can't learn all the recipes.

Enchanting is the next profession on the list, and it's pretty important, but more for the endgame. You are responsible for enchanting and disenchanting items with this profession, but you have to put a lot into it to get something out sometime later.

With the art of engineering you can do a lot of gimmicks, for example something like mind control. Engineering is very effective in PvP. And as an engineer, you can make the best fighter ammo.

The next profession is herbalism and you'll be able to get a lot of special herbs. But unfortunately the profession doesn't bring too much without the alchemist profession. You can sell the herbs you collect well. In Endgame the resources are extremely rare.

Leatherworking is similar to the blacksmithing only with leather. You can assemble your own armor and reinforce items.

Next comes the mining, which is responsible for many important resources, including several professions. If you are mining, you may have to farm for days or weeks for some things.

Skinning is the next profession and you can use it to process wildlife animals and get even more valuable leather. This profession provides material for other craft professions and there are almost infinite resources available.

With the job as a tailoring you can process cloth into robes or other equipment. In addition you can make the biggest bags with this job.

Cooking is the next profession and you can cook yourself something to eat with it and that will provide you with additional buffs. The dishes you cook can also be sold in the auction house, because they are needed for raid.

Next we have first aid. This is of course useful for the classes that do not have their own healing, but the advantage also consumes a lot of substances.

The last profession is fishing, actually there is nothing negative to say except that a lot of patience is needed. Otherwise it facilitates the art of cooking enormously and it is a nice additional income by the way.

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