Our loyalty discount

At Melk Trupp, customers just get more! From now on, we reward our loyal customers with the help of a regular customer loyalty discount system! Seeing our booster so and have therefore developed a common customer loyalty discount system for you. We are pleased to introduce you to this system! Melk Trupp currently offers 4 different discount levels for you! The different levels are presented here:


Bronze: 2.5% discount from 500 Euro sales per month The Bronze Member Status is a very fast rank for new customers. This allows you a direct entry into our customer loyalty discount system.


Silver: 5.0% discount from 1000 Euro sales per month as a Silver Member you already enjoy a pleasing discount, with this discount in the back, every item is a bargain in itself.


Gold: 7,5% discount from 2500 Euro sales per month as Gold Member we grant you a very big discount on all our products. This rank has already been reached quickly, and it is a very lucrative rank for customers who often honor us.


Platinum: 10,0% discount from 5000 Euro sales per month as Platinum Member you get the highest possible discount of 10% on every purchased item in our shop. We appreciate the cooperation with our regular customers and thank you in the form of an incomparable round the clock support, as well as participation in events!

How does the discount work?

The amount of the discount for you always refers to a billing period of 30 days. If an order is already more than 30 days ago, it will no longer be included in the loyalty discount system. The only exceptions here are the vouchers and Arena Selfplay.