World of Warcraft

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The Visions of N'Zoth comes with patch 8.3 and it will be the last major expansion for Battle for Azeroth. N'Zoth rises from the depths of the sea and its armies attack Azeroth. He is closely allied with Queen Azshara, who resides in the Eternal Palace. N'Zoth's were trapped beneath her palace, and they maintained regular contact. The fate of Azshara was sealed by N'Zoth the old god. The ancient god had corrupted the Earth Guardian and the giant dragon back then. Neltharion was made Deathwing the Destroyer by N'Zoth. When he became Deathwing the Cataclysm came and the Eternal Palace was destroyed and perished. Thus Azshara perished and rose as queen, as queen of the Naga. As you know, Azshara opened her gates in patch 8.2 and gave her power. Now N'Zoth is free, and the one who was imprisoned by the Titans in his prison with Titan chains cannot be stopped anymore.

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