League of Legends

League of Legends was released by Riot Games in 2009 and is a free-to-play MOBA that will be played by approximately 100 million players in 2016. Riot Games is a U.S. development studio headquartered in West Los Angeles. The development studio has had to listen to criticism for years that they only have one game. They get teased by their community from time to time for releasing only one game even though they have Riot Games hot. Fortunately, this changed in 2019 when they released the game Teamfights Tactics.


League of Legends

League of Legends is probably the one in the making of a MOBA. What is a MOBA? A Multiplayer Online Battle Arena or Action Real-Time Strategy (ARTS) is a computer game genre and a subcategory of the real-time strategy games. On an arena-like map, two teams will compete against each other. There are different types of mobas, but the goal will always be to destroy the enemy base. The MOBA genre does without the typical element of the real-time strategy genre, such as base expansion. As another reward method you will be rewarded here when you kill an enemy. With experience points and resources you can improve your heroes like in other computer games and on levels. If you should be killed anyway, you will have to wait a short cooldown in your base.


How does League of Legends work? Before a game, you can discuss with your friends which position you would like to play. A team in League of Legends consists of five people. The map you will be playing on is designed for 5vs5 and there are three different lanes. Toplane, Midlane and Bottomlane. Between these lanes there is also a jungle where your junior can earn his gold and prepare for his ganks. On all three lanes so-called minions will run along and make their way to the enemy base. But they won't run through the jungle, only neutral monsters are waiting for you there. Each lane has two towers which you have to pass on your way to the enemy base. An average League of Legends game lasts around 30 minutes, and a lot can happen in those 30 minutes. A game is usually divided into three phases, which are Laning Phase, Mid Game, and Late Game. The first phase is the Laning Phase, or the phase where the least amount of action occurs. Here you should get in the mood for the game and farm as much gold as possible. In the Mid Game you can also get the most important gold, but there will also be a lot of other things like objects that you can get for your team. In the Mid Game you will build on how good you were in the early stages of the game. If the game has not been decided yet, it will be decided in the Late Game. Teamfights will now take place here, where it will be decided which team will win.


In League of Legends, there is a class for each lane. On the Bot Lane there is usually a Support and an AD-Carry played. The reason for this is that the supporter has to carry the ADC in the beginning of each game and has to get strong first. The AD-Carry can later decide the game and is therefore one of the most important, but also one of the most difficult roles to play. In Mid Lane you will usually find an Assassin or Mage who will also have an important influence on the game. On Top Lane there are warriors and tanks. The warriors are usually powerful fighters who can take a lot of punishment and can also deal good damage. The tanks, on the other hand, are sometimes felt to be indestructible and can move in the middle of five people without any problems. But they don't do as much damage and need others to do it for them.


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