League of Legends

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League of Legends

At Melk Trupp Boosting, we recognize that every player is unique and has distinct needs. We're not just a typical boosting service, but a platform passionately committed to providing the best gaming experience for our customers. This is why we offer a diverse range of League of Legends boosting services to cater to all needs and desires.

Our Division Boost is tailored for those players ready to take their game to the next level. Our team of professional boosters is ready to catapult you to new heights and save you from the so-called ELO hell. We use no bots or scripts - only real, talented players who provide an authentic, fair boost. Embark on your victory march worry-free!

The Wins Boost is for players keen on enhancing their gameplay. You have the choice between Selfplay, where you play alongside our pros, or Accplay, where our experts take control. Our focus is not just on winning, but also on improving your skills. Our service is 100% fair and secure, carried out without the use of bots or scripts. Thus, we guarantee you the best possible support on your path to success in League of Legends.

With our Placement Matches Boost, upcoming placement matches in League of Legends are no longer a cause for worry. We take the burden off you and ensure a strong season start. Sit back and watch your rank rise. Our professional service comes without bots or scripts, ensuring an impressive entry into the thrilling world of ranked games.

For seasoned players looking to explore the battlefield of League of Legends from a new perspective, we offer the Smurf Account. This secondary account offers a lower rank than your main account, opening up a world full of strategic opportunities and gaming dominance. With a Smurf Account, you can triumph in every battle, showcasing your skills in the LoL arena.

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