Wins Boost

Boost your game with the ultimate [EU] League of Legends Wins Boost by Melk Trupp. Choose between Selfplay, where you play side-by-side with our pros, or Accplay, where our experts take control.

Beyond the win, our focus is on enhancing your skills. With our 100% fair and safe service, executed without the use of bots or scripts, we guarantee the best support on your journey to success in League of Legends.

  • Two boosting options: Selfplay and Accplay
  • Learn from pro players and improve your strategies
  • 100% fair and safe service
  • No use of bots or scripts
  • Reach your goals in LoL faster and more effectively

Ascend in the world of League of Legends with Melk Trupp's ultimate Wins Boost. This unique and powerful product elevates your game to a new level and sets you on the path of success. It is more than just a simple boost – it's a partnership with some of Europe's finest players, helping you enhance your skills and achieve your goals.

The Wins Boost product offers two thrilling options. The first option, Selfplay, enables you to play side by side with our professional gamers. This is not just a one-time chance to learn from the best, but also an opportunity to refine your own strategies and pick up new techniques. The second option, Accplay, is for those who wish to entrust the controls to the pros. Our experts take over your game, utilizing their skills and experience to lead you to victory.

Our service is 100% fair and safe. We use no bots or scripts, which means every victory you achieve is a genuine win. It's a testament to hard work, skill, and strategy, not the result of cheating or manipulation. Your performance, your progress, and your victories are therefore entirely legitimate.

Our primary goal with this service is to enhance your skills. By collaborating with our professional gamers, you gain the necessary knowledge and experience to be successful in this game. We support you in making better decisions, developing more effective strategies, and improving your reactions.

Aside from the obvious benefits, such as achieving a higher rank or winning difficult games, Melk Trupp's Wins Boost also brings a host of additional advantages. You gain a deeper understanding of the game and its mechanics, a higher level of competence, and an improved ability to think clearly and act under pressure.

Whether you are new to League of Legends or an experienced player looking to elevate your skills to the next level, Melk Trupp's Wins Boost is the perfect product for you. It combines the best of both worlds – professional support and independent learning – to pave your way to success in LoL.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, Melk Trupp's Wins Boost is an investment in yourself. It's a step towards improvement, a springboard to success. With this service, you invest in your skills, your career, and your future in League of Legends. Take the first step and begin your journey to success today.


League of Legends Boosting is a service where an experienced player helps you improve your ranking in the League of Legends game. We can play on your account or work directly with you to reach higher ranks.

We will issue you an invoice. As in all reputable shops, you have PayPal buyer protection.

With self-play, you are there live as your order is implemented and you play your character yourself.


Q: What is Accplay?

With Accplay you dont take an active part in the action. We play your account.

The duration depends on your current rank and the desired target rank. It usually takes a few days to a week.

Yes, we will provide direct contact with the booster so you can ask questions or provide instructions if necessary.

We usually start boosting service within 24 hours of your order.

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