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The Alterac Mountains are located in the south of Lordaeron and surround the Alterac Valley. For a long time Alterac was considered an insignificant source of resources, which were exploited by the orcs in the second war. The many mountains and caves were worked by orcish mines to extract more and more resources. Deep in the Alterac Mountains you will find the Alterac Valley, which is home to only a few creatures.

Alterac Valley is a battlefield that was added in Phase 3 of WoW Classic. Together with Warsong Gulch, they should further enhance the honor system that was added in Phase 2. The honor system has brought a PvP ladder to Classic, and many great rewards as well. Every week you will receive rewards for your place, but you will also be set back a bit to work your way up again. The honor you need to climb the ladder can now be earned on the battlefields. Our Alterac Valley Boost will help you with this.

Alterac Valley has a long history behind it and the peace after the second war is not what it used to be. In far distance you can hear the war drums and the conflicts are getting worse and worse. King Magni Bronzebeard has made it his mission to conquer and cleanse the land. The alliance is besieged on one side by the cannibalistic winter axe trolls and on the other side by the cruel Frostwolf clan. The Ironforge Kingdom is determined to continue their quest in the Alterac Mountains, even as they destroy the other races.

There are many mysteries and myths surrounding the Alterac Valley. What is really true, nobody who is not or has not been in the Alterac Valley knows. In fact, one of the most important personalities on Azeroth comes from Alterac Valley. None other than Thrall, the former leader of the Horde, comes from the Frostwolf Clan. Thrall is the most powerful orc there is in Azeroth, and he is considered one of the most intelligent and skilled orcs ever. He has managed to reunite the scattered orcish races and form the new Horde. Thrall is more than just a leader, however, he is the chosen one of the Prophecy of the Hammer of Destiny. Since its tragic end, Thrall now wields the Doomhammer with an iron fist and justice.

As mentioned above, there is now an honor system in WoW Classic that requires you to collect honor. Also new in phase two is the PvP ladder, which shows you where you stand against the others. Before the Battlegrounds, PvP players only had Open World PvP but now there is much more. The battlegrounds are now used for honor farming and anyone who wants to advance in PvP will do their best on the battlegrounds. With a boost from Melk Trupp Boosting you are on the safe side and we will take care of your PvP wishes. If you don't have that much time or don't want to spend hours and hours to fight your way through the PvP ranks, just hire us and we'll do it all for you. Our Win Boost is the best and fastest in the world, because Melk Trupp employs the best and biggest team in WoW and Classic.


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