Arathi Basin Reputation

Let us help you earn your WoW Classic Arathi Basin reputation quickly and safely.

We farm the reputation on the battlegrounds "Arathi Basin " up to Exalted. 

The battlegrounds are played quickly and professionally by hand and the reputation tokens are handed in to the quest npc, so that your reputation is completed as quickly as possible.

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The Arathi Basin lies in the Arathi Highlands and is surrounded by mountains like a valley. The valley of the Arathi Basin is crossed by the slightly curved and lush green hills. Eager hikers who must traverse the Arathi Highlands to reach the Alterac Mountains. On their way they will be able to admire an enormous variety of species. The animal world will amaze the one or other traveller. In the valley basin there are valuable raw materials scattered all over the place, which are constantly being fought for. However, the eternal conflict between the Alliance and the Horde seems to no longer count here. The glow of idyll and peace can hardly be disturbed.

Arathi Basin is a great battlefield where the Horde faces off against the Alliance. On this battleground you will take part in a resource race. To win a resource race, you must first collect 2,000 resources. But how do you collect resources? By controlling the buildings on the map. If you control more than your opponent, you will collect more resources. There are 5 buildings on the map that you can fight over. Each building generates resources that you need to win the battlefield. In battle, you will gain honor whether you win or lose. If you win, you will of course get more honor and so on. With our Boost from Melk Trupp you can easily win on the battlefields in Classic.

Arathi Basin is a source of valuable raw materials and resources, and the Horde and Alliance have understood this. Humans are fighting the undead Forsaken of Azeroth to gain control of the valley. The Forsaken are deserted undead of the Lich King, and are finally free of the hostage's grip. They are undead, however, and will not let their cruelty rest.

An important point in Arathi Basin is Hammerfall the Horde outposts. This is a place steeped in history, as it was one of the last internment camps during the Second War. The internment camps were used at the end of the war to imprison all the orcs. The camp was liberated by Thrall's rebel group at that time and thus Orgrim Doomhammer the current leader of the Horde was freed. A massive battle ensued where Orgrim lost his life and Thrall was named the new Warchief.

There is a very special place in the Arathi Highlands. Namely in the east lies a small farm of the dwarves. Despite everything, the farm is quite spacious and offers two ears of corn fields and a small river with a resident. There is also a small stable with two rams. The farmhouse is lovingly and detailed and is really worth a look.

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