PvP Rank 1-14

We will earn you your PvP rank from 1-14.

Get your World of Warcraft Classic PvP rank stress-free from us. You will receive access to exclusive rewards such as the PvP Gear or the Mount.

Simply use the slider to your current rank and your desired target rank.

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  • Professional Rank Boost for [EU] WoW Classic - PvP Rang 1-14

Listing of the ranks and their activations

  • Rank 1 - Tabard
  • Rank 2 - PvP Trinket
  • Rank 3 - Rare Back
  • Rank 4 - Rare Neck
  • Rank 5 - Rare Wrist
  • Rank 6 - Officer Tabard
  • Rank 7 - Rare Feet and Hands
  • Rank 8 - Rare Chest and Legs
  • Rank 9 - Battle Standard
  • Rank 10 - Rare Head and Shoulders
  • Rank 11 - Epic PvP Mount
  • Rank 12 - Epic Hands, Legs and Feets
  • Rank 13 - Epic Head, Chest and Shoulders
  • Rank 14 - Epic Weapons & Shield
Blizzard has brought back the long-awaited gaming pleasure for players with WoW Classic. With Classic, many have high expectations and want to get back the pink red glasses of the past. The game has been split into six different phases to avoid a big mess. With the first phase there was little content and some players waited impatiently for the next phases.

With Phase 2 came PvP and the honor system, and this change was both positive and negative. With the honor system, the PvP actions became much more important and significant. It also brought an honor rankings, which led to many people wanting to get a high PvP rank. The rankings were divided into 14 ranks, with the highest rank being Grand Marshal of the Alliance and Supreme Warlord of the Horde. However, achieving these ranks is far from easy and takes a lot of time. So contact us and we will give you the best PvP boost for you.

How does the honor system work in WoW Classic? In the honor system there are Honorable Kills and for every kill you make you get points. If you fight against other PvP veterans you will get more honor points than if you win against a PvP newbie. This means that killing a fresh level 60 player will not give you as much honor points as killing an experienced fighter. This system is designed to protect the novice players from being killed all the time. Another detail of the system comes into play when you kill an opponent multiple times. With the first kill you will still get 100% honor points but with the second kill you will only get 75% and so it goes down and down. Blizzard is trying to prevent some players from killing each other and ruining the game. With our Boost you don't have to fight through all the torture, but you can jump straight to the big success.

What you have to watch out for in PvP are the Dishonorable Kills, because they don't get you anywhere. On the contrary, for some of them it could reduce your honor points. The ladder is updated every week, so you will have to work your way up every week. But you will only lose a small part of your points when you reset.

The next phases in WoW will bring more content and will expand the game to give players even more options. With the PvP honor system, the ranking system has also been added and most players will try to boost themselves to the first places to get the best loot as a reward.

The battlegrounds that will be added in Phase 3 will help you climb the ladder. In Phase 3, Alterac Valley and Warsong Gulch will be added to Classic. In our online shop you will also find the corresponding boosting services.

With a boost from Melk Trupp Boosting you can learn from the best WoW Boosting Service. With our PvP Boost you will quickly reach rank 14 on the PvP ranking of the honor system. We have access to the best WoW team in the world and are the only ones who can really boost you in PvP.


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