Warsong Gulch reputation

Here you can buy your WoW Classic "Warsong Gulch" reputation quickly and safely.

We farm the reputation on the battleground "Warsong Gulch" up to exalted. 

The battlegrounds are quickly and safely played by hand and the reputation tokens are given to the quest npc, so that your reputation is completed as quickly as possible.

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In the south of the Ashenvale lies the Warsong Gulch and it is surrounded by the dazzling forests of the Ashenvale. It is a prestigious battlefield where 10 players can compete against 10 players. The battlefield is located near where Grom Hellscream and his entourage cleared the forest during the Third War. When the Burning Legion entered Ashenvale, it was desecrated and corruption came upon Kalimdor. Only by joining forces could the Night Elves push back the Legion.

The history of Ashenvale is long, but the future is unknown. Ashenvale lies within Horde territory and is used to produce resources. This means nothing other than that they want to and will cut down the entire forest. Some Orcs of the Warsong Clan have decided to move into Warsong Gulch to speed up the clearing of the forest. The Warsong Clan has had a dark past, and they have been on the run ever since the second war was lost. Only when Thrall took his rightful place as the new leader of the Horde could Hellscream and its clan be free again. The orcs chopped down so many trees that they generated a huge surplus and were already beating their axes into new trees while the old wood rotted.

No longer able to witness the tragedy of Ashenvale and the forest, the Silverwing Night Elves of the Alliance planned a massive attack against the Vanguard of the Warsong clan. They plan to push the Horde out of the area so they can save the forest and keep the magic alive. Without this forest, Astranaar's night elf cities would not be able to withstand the Barrens for long. The Silverwing Night Elf Shieldguards are among the elite of the Alliance, and they have sworn to themselves and their people to fight until the orcs are driven from the area.

Warsong Gulch takes place in a flag capture mode. Other modes available on battlefields are resource race and warfare. Warsong Gulch usually has multiple events happening at once, so communication with your team is the most important thing. Good communication can make the difference between victory and defeat. The goal in Warsong Gulch is to capture the enemy flag. To do this, you need to cross the entire map once and back again. Your flag bearer must be protected and escorted.

Call farms in Warsong Gulch. You should visit Warsong Gulch regularly during the leveling phase and collect your mark of honor. For the mark of honor there is not only reputation but also honor! You need this honor for the PvP rankings. You can have up to 20 honor marks at once. You can sell them at level 60 to get even more honor. With Phase 2 in WoW Classic came the new honor system and this includes a PvP ladder where you can get great rewards. Warsong Gulch is a very good place to farm honor and with our boost, honor and reputation won't matter anymore.

To get a better reputation with the Warsong clan, you will have to fight in Warsong Gulch and you will also get reputation points. With our reputation boost for Warsong Gulch, you will reach the level of Exalted as soon as possible. Our Melk Troop players are highly trained and know everything about WoW. For them Warsong Gulch will be a piece of cake and your account will have lots of adventures to tell you.


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