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Warsong Gulch is a highly competitive place, and the Alliance and Horde give each other nothing. In Warsong Gulch, teams of 10 players meet to continue the conflict between the Horde and Alliance. The two conflicting parties meet in a flag capture mode. To win, you must capture and claim the flag of the opposing faction.

The Ashenvale Gorge is surrounded by a dazzling emerald and purple forest. The forest is huge and blooms in all its glory, the giant trees are surrounded by a mysterious magic and everyone who enters this forest notices and feels how special it is. But if you listen closely into the idyll you can imagine the horror. You will hear a thud as if an axe hits a tree.  The orcs of the Warsong clan are clearing the forest to supply the Horde with raw materials. The Horde sawmill is in the middle of the forest and running at full speed. However, the majestic forest is also home to the Silverwing Night Elves, and when they learned of the crime committed against their homeland, they went crazy. They want revenge for what was done to their homeland, and so they are planning an immediate campaign against the vanguard of the Warsong Clan.

The Warsong Clan has once again settled in Warsong Gulch. These orcs call themselves the vanguard of the Warsong Clan, and they are pushing the clearing of the forest further and further. The holy forest is seen by them only as raw material and the evergreen leaves serve as an incentive to cut down more and more.

One thing the orcs don't think about is that the forest serves as a strategic wall to protect Astranaar the cities of the night elves. If the forest falls away, Astranaar is completely at the mercy of the Barrens. Any attacks that could otherwise be kept from the forest could now be carried out without any problems.

The Silverwing Night Elves have launched a campaign against the Orcs in Ashenvale. They want to protect the forest and have vowed not to stop until all the orcs have left the forest. The Silverwing Elven Shieldguards are considered one of the best trained units in the Alliance.

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