Glacial Tidestorm

[EU] WoW BfA Glacial Tidestorm Mount is a mount from the last boss of the Dazar'Alor Raid. Lady Jaina Proudmoore will drop the mount with a 100% chance in Mythic Mode!

This mount is still quite rare in the game. Get it before anyone else.

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The Glacial Tidestorm is a mount of BfA Patch 8.1. Jaina Proudmoore is the final boss in the battle of Dazaralor. The raid brings you nine bosses and is in difficulties "Normal, Heroic, Mythic". To get the mount, you must play through the raid on Mythic and defeat Jaina Proudmoore.

The bosses are different for Alliance and Horde at the beginning. The first 3 bosses are individual and then you change factions in so-called flashbacks.

1st Boss

  • Alliance - Ra'wani Kanae
  • Horde - Frida Ironbellows

2nd Boss

  • Allianz - Ma'ra Grimfang and Anathos Firecaller
  • Horde - Grong

3rd Boss

  • Alliance - Grong the Revenant
  • Horde - Manceroy Flamefist and Mestrah <The Illuminated>

4th Alliance 

  • Opulence

5th Alliance 

  • Conclave of the Chosen

6th Alliance 

  • King Rastakhan

7th Horde 

  • High Tinker Mekkatorque

8th Horde 

  • Stormwall Blockade

9th Horde 

  • Jaina Proudmoore

This Mount is one of the rarest that exists at the moment. This mount is worthy of a Jaina Proudmoore, it offers you much more than you think. The Tidestorm will help you to fight PvE and will accompany you across the lands of Nazjatar. With our Boosting Service you can choose if you want to play with us or leave your account to a professional.


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