Pond Nettle

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You are looking for a new mount for water and don't have time to farm it?

No problem! We'll do it for you quickly!

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The pond nettle has been added from patch 7.3 on. The Mount is a new underwater mount, which we can get through the job angler. This mount is based on a jellyfish that feels at home in the underwater world. It is a mysterious creature that can survive in the depths of the seas and under the toughest conditions. Some even say that it can survive in space. There is a special artifact weapon, the deep light angler, but fortunately it is not a requirement.

Some players got the mount from the lake at the Hope Charge in the Antoric Wasteland. Many try to fish the mount, but then find that they need 1000 tries, which is a lot. Few lucky ones catch the pond jellyfish after trying 10 times.

If you've always wanted to own a great underwater mount, it's perfect for you, but don't even start trying to catch the jellyfish, it'll just cost you unnecessary time and effort. We from Melk Trupp get you the Mount super fast.


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