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The new dungeon that has been added in patch 8.2 is called Operation: Mechagon and it is a mega dungeon. There were hardly any megadungeons in WoW before and now we're getting one in Battle for Azeroth. Operation: Mechagon will also be available in a hard mode, but to play it you will need to activate it in the dungeon first.
Through the WoW Heroic and Mythic 5-Man Dungeons/Instances you will get equipment and a first insight into the PvE content of World of Warcraft. For beginners there is no better way to face the first PvE bosses.

The dungeons are divided into several difficulty levels: Normal, Heroic, Mythic, and Mythic+. For the release of BfA, 10 new dungeons were released and they are available for both factions. The loot in the dungeon looks like the following: Normal 310, Heroic 325 and Mythical 340.

In WoW there is also a Dungeon Browser but what is it exactly? A Dungeon Browser is a tool developed by Blizzard. It's a group search feature that was introduced with Wrath of the Lichking. With the Dungeon Browser there are several choices. You can register once for a random dungeon. There you have to choose between protection, damage and healers and then you can enter a random dungeon. As a loot you will receive gold and either a bag of helpful items, which are low level, or you will receive bravery points. Another point you can choose is the Specific Dungeons. In these you can visit a specific dungeon or kill a boss to get a specific item you need. A special item you can choose in the browser is the holiday browser, as this is only available on certain holidays. However, the loot from these dungeons is no longer the most recent. But there are not only good things about the dungeon browser. Many players find that by putting 5 different players together, the classic feel of an MMO is lost. Because of the anonymity of the players, many also think that they can simply abandon the group. Because you have no disadvantages to leave your group.

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