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Here you can buy a cheap WoW Gear service with a fast boost!
The Starter Bundles available in Bronze, Silver and Gold will prepare your fresh character for the challenges of World of Warcraft! We prepare you optimally for upcoming challenges. Whether you want to go into PvE or PvP, with our Boost you are ready for anything. With our Gold Starter Boost for Battle for Azeroth, you'll be one of the best on the server right away! One of our pros will take your character from level 110 to 120 in hand play. If you are not yet the maximum level, you can get a level boost from Melk Trupp. We guarantee you an item level of at least 430, which means that every item on your character will be at least this level. In our product we will also do the new megadungeon in hardmode. Operation: Mechagon this one is called and will bring you great loot. You will also get a Raider I.O Score of 1000 points from us. But we won't remain inactive in the arena either, because there we will boost you to a rating of 2000. The gold bundle will also include a unique and legendary mount, namely the glory of the eternal raider. This Azshari ray is something very special and there will be no comparable specimen with this species. To complete our Gold Boost Bundle we add both scouting achievements on top. With the achievement Pathfinder part 1 you get increased mount speed for your mount. With the second part, you'll get the long-awaited flight license in Azeroth and can finally take to the sky.

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professional Gear Service boost & leveling service


With the Full Gear Boost from Melk Trupp, nothing stands in the way of the best Raid Gear, the Instance Gear or the Mythic Plus Gear. Play self-play with the top raiders and test your gear in record time. We can provide you with the different dungeon item level gears from item level 400 to 430 and we have the best full gear for all five raids in Battle for Azeroth. From item levels 385 to 475 and from Uldir to Ny'alotha.

Or hire our top players from the Alliance and Horde for the Accplay. Normal, Heroic or Mythic, with us you're sure to achieve quick success. For Normal Dungeons the item level is 310 and for the Heroic Dungeons it is 325 and for the Mythic Dungeons it is 340. At the Mythic level there is a weekly ID reset.

What are ID resets? The ID-Reset was added by Blizzard back then because they didn't want players to kill the same bosses over and over again. For the big raids, it means that you can only kill the bosses once for a week. When you enter a raid, you get an ID assigned to you by the raid. So it is not possible to do the first four bosses with your main group in the Molten Core and then the others with another group a little later.

Also get the BiS Item! These are the Best in Slot Items and as the name suggests, they are the best you can get for these slots. With patch 8.3 there will be an innovation for the BiS Gears. There will be new Azerite armor and these will have certain perks. These perks will be the most important, because these perks will decide how strong or rare the item will be.  The Best in Slot Gear service will make your character one of the best and will quickly invite you to any group. Waiting times are now a thing of the past! Book our item-leveling service online now and look forward to many exciting new adventures in World of Warcraft.