World of Warcarft has been online for over 10 years and the player community still enjoys new updates and expansions. The latest expansion in WoW is Battle for Azeroth their last major update is also already planned. With the terrible visions of N'Zoth BfA gets its last update. What has never been neglected in all these years are the Mount's. BfA has got new mounts again and again and there have become quite a lot of them. You can buy all mounts from us and we will give you the boost so that you get the mount as soon as possible.


With Patch 8.2 and probably the biggest expansion of BfA! With Nazjatar and Mechagon two new countries have been added and in these countries you can find many new mounts. We have the best mounts for you like the Silent Glider, which is a special kind of wave ray. A very special mount in Battle for Azeroth is the Snapback Scuttler, and this is very difficult to get and very rare. To unlock the mount at all, you will need the achievement of the Undersea Ursuper. However, this achievement is divided into 17 separate achievements, and each of them will be harder than the other. You will need a lot of time and patience to complete these individual achievements.

In patch 8.1 the Glacial Tidalstorm has been added, this mount is from Jaina Proudmoore and you can only get it by killing her. But it will only drop once for your group when you kill Jaina. So it can take forever until you get it. But this mount is worth all the trouble and you can even fly with the water elemental.

If you want a mount, you need to be aware of what faction you belong to. If you play for a faction, you may not be able to get a mount. Blizzard has customized the mounts for some quests so that you can get a different mount for each faction.

One thing that you'll find with us is the terrible saddle. But what is the terrible saddle? The horrible saddles are a kind of currency. You can exchange them for special mounts at a PvP dealer. There are of course different mounts at the dealers, it always depends on your faction.

A mount is like your best friend! It accompanies you on your journey through Azeroth and experiences your adventures with you. In a world full of dark power and evil forces, you will learn to appreciate owning a mount. With it, you will be able to travel through the lands more than twice as fast and save a lot of time. A mount is there to help your character move faster. A mount is divided into normal, fast and flying mounts. Some races get a mount during the leveling process, but for the rare ones, you will have to pay for it in gold or you will get the mount you want.

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