Honeyback Harvester

With patch 8.2.5 comes the long awaited Bee Mount!

To get the Honeyback Harvester a long quest row has to be done.

Also the horrible Jelly-Grind is taken over by us.

After the reputation has been earned on exalted, we'll do the final quest-series for you stress-free for the [EU] Honeyback Harvester!


In our product you get the boost for the new mount of the honeyback harvester. We will get you this special bee for your collection. This mount was long awaited by many and now it's finally here. However, the bee already came with patch 8.2.5 and is one of the coolest flying mounts there probably is.

The Sturmsang Valley is probably one of the most beautiful places in Azeroth, because it's where the harmony of the seas and countries meets. There are many green meadows but also rocky hills. In this beautiful valley live also many animals and most diverse plants, which grow here magnificently and prosper. In the Sturmsang valley you will also find a swarm of bees, which will put you to a special test. In the Sturmsang Valley lies the Tiranian Fleet, the most powerful naval force in Azeroth. However, it is lost and there are some more secrets in the valley.

But how do you get the bee as a mount? To get in contact with the queen you first have to have the bee Bumbles as a pet or you get the Seabreeze Bumblebee. With one of the bees in your luggage you'll have to go to Barry, who's waiting for you at the river Meadery. When you're with him, summon a bee and he'll show you the way to the Bee Queen and her beehive. When you're with her, you'll need to soothe the queen bee with jelly first, and if you're lucky, she'll let you in. When you come in, you'll see a lot of honey and a bee larva. Barry will ask you to raise them. To raise the bee you'll have to collect a lot of jelly and feed it to the bee larva. There's no limit to how much jelly you can collect, so you can grind what that holds. But if you're too lazy for that, you can just buy it at the auction house. Once you've earned the reputation of being reverent with the swarm of bees and raised the bee larvae, you can complete the quest row. With the last quest "Leaving the Hive" you end the long way and get the bees mount Honeyback Harverster's Harness. With our Boost for the Honeyback Harverster's Harness you get a new mount that is very unique and special. Our professionals will earn everything for you and get you the Bee Mount very quickly.


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