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In the latest patch for World of Warcraft 8.3, the Alliance and Horde are getting serious. The new patch is called Visions of N'Zoth and finally brings us one of the old gods. With N'Zoth, one of the four known gods will reveal himself to us. Few knew his whereabouts before he escaped from his Titan prison.

He was defeated and captured by the Titans at that time and chained with Titans chains. Once the Titans came to Azeroth, a new order of precedence was established The old gods ruled over the land, inflicting their cruelty and corruption upon the entire land. The Titans defeated the Old Gods, and so they were able to reshape the earth and reshape its forms. But now one of the Old Gods rises to exact vengeance upon Azeroth. The Titans have been gone for thousands of years, and what is left is nothing more than tales and legends.

N'Zoth had been held captive in Nazjatar for all those thousands of years. His prison lay beneath the Eternal Palace, where the queen rules the underwater world. Queen Azshara is also a close ally of N'Zoth, for he has recognized her strength and has done everything in his power to bring her to him. Azshara was once the Queen of the night elves and highborn, until the Cataclysm came. The huge bang split the Eternal Palace with all its inhabitants to sink it into the depths of the seas. This is how Queen Azshara came to N'Zoth and the Eternal Palace was above his prison all the time.

With N'Zoth, the Black Empire will also return, for N'Zoth will sit on his throne again after all these years. The Black Empire has existed since the Horde and Alliance were formed, and it's one of the beginnings of Azeroth. In the midst of the Black Empire lies Ny'alotha. It is the core of the Black Empire and the seat of N'Zoth. With patch 8.3 and N'Zoth's return, it becomes an awakening city and a raid.

Another important part of patch 8.3 are the Horrific Visions. The visions come from N'Zoth and show you an alternative future from the cities of Orgrimmar and Strumwind. If you do not defeat N'Zoth, this will probably become a terrible reality. In order to get into the horrific visions, you must first complete the Black Empire campaign. In these visions you need the legendary cloak of Ashjra'kama to even survive. The visions will leave you with corruption, and the cape is meant to protect you, but you will receive it at level 1, so you are still very vulnerable. You can keep the cloak on levels and thus endure the visions.

With our Boost you will get many Manifested Visions. This is the new currency in patch 8.3 that you can use to buy from Furion. To get into the Horrific Visions you need a Vessel of Horrific Visions, because this item works like a key for you. A Vessel will cost you up to 10,000 Manifested Visions. With our WoW Boosting you will receive many Manifested Visions as soon as possible. Our professional players will be able to get you the number of visions you want.


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